Horizon Roll

Horizon Roll is an interactive site specific installation consisting of two pairs of revolvable wheels, one crescent in steel, the other in coloured, tempered glass with ceramic print. The sculptures was commissioned by Oslo municipality, and the two sites are within the the green area of two kindergartens. Sørenga is a constructed peninsula which used to be part of Oslo Harbour, now turned into a residential and recreational area. The Horizon Roll is connected to this maritime history, navigation at sea and the rough aesthetics of the city harbor.

You can adjust the horizon wheels by turning them. In front of the wheels there is a metal post with a large circular bubble level, to show you when things are straight.

The horizon has always been our maximum range of communication, our primary way to regain spatial orientation. Horizon Roll is inspired by the navigation instrument Sextant's manifold sight system, which relies on the round horizon mirror: half clear glass, half silvered glass, in which the split view of the sun or moon and the visible horizon are to be leveled by adjusting the optical angle in the Sextant. Then you can calculate your position. Play with your horizons by turning the Horizon Roll wheels.

The coloured glass crescents are like the coloured sun filters of the Sextant. The glass casts vibrant shadows. Red and green are the nautical navigation colors - one horizon roll pair is green, the other pair red.

Commissioned by Kulturetaten and Omsorgsbygg, /Oslo Kommune.